Thurs 17th – Sun 20th September 2020




 There are two awards on offer for 2020 to the value of $3,000

Each award receives an Artist Pack 5 valued at $1,518.00


 The Lawson's Dry Hills People's Choice Award 



Ten final works from the entries will be chosen for our award wall by our judge David Woodings. These "top ten" works will then be up for voting. The winning work is voted in by The Auckland Art Show audience, friends and supporters. The winner will be announced Sunday afternoon 20 September 2020. 

To be eligible for this award you must be a selected artist in The Auckland Art Show. 

An application link with the award outlines will be sent out to all selected artists early March 2020.






David Woodings 




























 The Auckland Art Show - Celebrity Pick Award 2020


The Celebrity Pick Award - an Auckland celebrity will select their favourite panel artist on opening night! The winning artist will receive an artist 5 panel pack for the 2021 Auckland Art Show valued at $1,518.00.

To be eligible for this award entrants must be at the show on opening night 17th September 2020 and be selected for The Auckland Art Show 2020 as an Artist Panel Pack entrant.

The winning artist will be announced on opening night. Their work will be selected by the celebrity judge from among the other Artist Panel Packs exhibited.

Watch this space to see who our celebrity judge is and who they pick on opening night! 






David Woodings is a Christchurch based full-time artist with a strong connection to the photo-realist painting style of American East Coast artists. This connection had its genesis when he saw the exhibition American Photo Realism at the Barrington Gallery in Auckland in 1974, and his first works influenced by the style were produced in 1978 during his years studying at the Elam School of Fine Art. He showed his first photo-realist inspired works at the Peter Webb Gallery in Auckland in Four Photo-realists in 1978. The early works focused on glassy building interiors and exteriors, while also documenting and commenting on the growth of the fast food industry in New Zealand through the imaging of restaurants and their environments. His first on-person show ‘Visions’ was at the Denis Cohn Gallery in 1981 and he continued to paint and exhibit through the 80s and 90s with a number of solo and group exhibitions.

 With his return to full-time painting in 2005, after a period working in the heritage sector, arcade machine images became the main characters in a narrative about social place. The paintings, now on a large canvas confrontational scale where the handling of the subjects invites active rapport and interchange between the spectator, the painted surface and picture plane, and the image.

 Living in Christchurch at the time of the earthquakes, David dedicated 3 suites of work to the theme before engaging in a series of works with a connection to the hand stitched greetings cards of WW1 called ‘silks’ dedicated to the 100th commemoration of WW1. His most recent works exhibited in Christchurch and at the Wallace Gallery, as ‘Merrily go around’ again connect to carousel imagery but with a strong underlying political narrative.